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TV & Film Rape Scenes in Movies and on TV (WARNING: POSSIBLE TRIGGER)


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:yes: I couldn't even deal with Titanic. Seeing all those people die. Those families. The children. Horrible. I didn't view it as a romantic story at all. The only thing I thought of was the awful way all those poor people died. It bothered me that nobody seemed to care and they only saw it as a brilliant love story.
As said eloquently by Honest Trailers: "Based on the tragedy that spawned thousands of heartbreaking true stories, comes this fake one..."

In regards to the topic, this was the only part of 300 that really bugged me. I could deal with every single bit of violence in that movie, but when

the queen got raped by the traitor, it was just brutal. Thankfully she gets her revenge.

Additionally and similarly, it was hard to watch the weird inbred order of creepy monk guys (there's a historical name for this that I can't be arsed to look up) grossly lick and otherwise sexually taunt the oracle girl.


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I was watching "I, Claudius", and there's a creepy-as-hell rape alluded to.

Oh, and since it's based on historical events, it's true.

The Roman Sejanus came into conflict with the emperor Tiberius in 31 AD. Sejanus was executed and so were his children. But his daughter Junilla was a virgin, and Romans were superstitious about executing virgins, so...

According to the written records, she was raped with the rope used to strangle her around her neck. Thankfully the show did not have that scene.

Ugh. History.