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Random vegan encounters - cool or weird?

Discussion in 'The Vegan Forum' started by Indian Summer, Mar 18, 2018.

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  1. Indian Summer

    Indian Summer Administrator Owner

    If you were shopping groceries, maybe with a trolley full of vegan stuff, would you be freaked out if you were approached by a stranger who had noticed your groceries, and they were asking if you were vegan? And this person said they were vegan too? And they were striking up a conversation? Would you think that was pretty cool, or weird, or just nothing special?
  2. silva

    silva Addicted Poster

    Ohio, U.S.A
    I would think very cool :jump:
    I've been asked about products in the vegan section but that was at the height of the "what the health' documentary :argh:People freaked out but not really wanting to be vegan, just wanting to give up eggs cause they're worse than a daily smoking habit :bang:
  3. PTree15

    PTree15 Beach bum

    I think it would be cool as well. I've had a cashier or two ask about vegan products in my cart that they'd like to try. I'm always glad when anyone is interested in vegan food. :)
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  4. Mischief

    Mischief Addicted Poster

    I too think it would be cool.

    The only times I've ever had those conversations is with cashiers at Trader Joes. (I love the workers at the local TJ - they are universally friendly, upbeat and funny.)
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  5. Calliegirl

    Calliegirl Deity

    I would like it. I've had conversations with strangers in the market (mostly Trader Joes) about vegan items.
  6. Pirate

    Pirate Addicted Poster

    United Kingdom
    Pretty awesome. As a 'veteran' vegan I like giving people advice and suggestions :)
  7. KLS52

    KLS52 Only Kindness Matters

    I would think it was cool as long as they didn’t go on and on. I don’t mind having conversations with strangers. I even enjoy it sometimes. But it depends on the “vibe” I get. I don’t like when people get too pushy or opinionated.
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  8. AeryFairy

    AeryFairy Anachronism Administrator

    Manchester, UK
    I'd be fine with it, as long as the comment(s) were positive. It's not nice when people make derisive comments about it, or ask questions about every little thing (I've had "why would you want something that's meant to taste like a burger - if you want a burger just eat the burger!" and other such comments from strangers looking at my shopping trolley.)

    Also, related - a few days ago I was loading some reduced vegan ready meals into my cart, and another shopper stopped me to say "oh, I love those too!", which was fine, but she then continued "but make sure you take them out of those plastic tubs and put them in a ceramic dish in the oven. Plastic will give you cancer and microwaves will give you radiation poisoning." Like, I get that it was well-meaning (if a little batty) but maybe don't tell a total stranger that they're gonna get cancer?
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018
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  9. PTree15

    PTree15 Beach bum

    LOL, people are funny/strange sometimes. Re: your comment about "just eat the burger." When I get that sort of comment, I just shoot right back with, well, I'm not interested in the cruelty and death that is necessary for eating dead flesh. :D That usually shuts them right up. :D
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