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UK Product Thread UK

Discussion in 'UK & Eire' started by Alice-Bee, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. Alice-Bee

    Alice-Bee Mad as A Hatter

    Durham UK
    A place to post products we find that are Vegan that the masses may not be aware of, be it supermarket own brand or from a speciality vegan known label.
    Also post items you arent sure about for confimation from a seasoned label reader...

    Below is a list of products mentioned in this Thread. Updates to follow.

    Frys Chocolate Cream Bars (Mint/Peppermint/Orange)
    Jamesons Raspberry Ruffle Bars
    Mr Kipling Treacle Tarts
    Mr Kipling Apple and Blackberry Pies
    Some Baxters Soups(will update with Sepcifics)
    Bisto Gravy Granuals (Original/Onion/Vegetable/Chip Shop Curry Sauce)
    Whittards Hot Chocolate(Banoffee/Rocky Road/Ginger/Luxery/Caramel/Dreamtime/Chilli/Orange/70%/Tiramisu/)
    Askeys Goes Crackin' chocolate sauce
    Lyles Mint Chocolate Sauce
    Butterscotch Syrup
    Lyles Golden Syrup
    Goodness Direct Dark Chocolate Spread
    Jus Roll (Croisants/Pan Au Chocolat/Garlic Bread/Cookies/Pastry)
    Kettle Chips(flavours to follow)
    Vitalite Spread
    Beef and Tomato PotNoodle
    Heinz Beans (original/BBQ/Garlic & Herb/Chilli)
    Heinz Ketchup
    Heinz Spaghetti
    Walkers Crisps(See bottom of post for full list)
    Kelloggs Cereals(Just Right/Fruit and Fibre/Frosties/Rice Krispies Multigrain/Raisin Wheats)
    Jelly Tots
    Starburst/Opal Fruits ;)

    Frozen Branded:
    Linda McCartney Sausages
    LMC Mince
    LMC Mince Pies
    LMC Mushroom and Ale Pies
    Clives Pies

    Supermarket Brands:
    6 Apple and Blackcurrent pies
    100g Dark chocolate...No longer Vegan, now contains Milk Powder...
    Sausage Mix
    Milkshake Powder
    Hotpot Ready Meal
    Chilli Ready Meal
    Refrigered Juices
    Make your Own Pizza (ask for no cheese. Bases need confirmation)

    Chicken Style Pieces

    Sainsburys(has a very good Vegan labelling system)
    Instant Packet Noodles (Chicken/Chicken Curry/Prawn/Vegetable)
    Value Snack Pot Noodle (Beef and Tomato/Chicken and Mushroom)
    Tomato Sauce(note ASDAs contains milk)
    Chocolate Bourbon Bicuits
    Refrigerated Juices


    Marks and Spencer:
    Tinned Chilli

    Has own Free From range including
    Value range Bourbon Biscuits

    Coffee Shops: (if made with Soy Milk)
    Starbucks Hotchocolate
    Cafe Nero Hot Chocolate

    SHOE BRANDS: These shoes are manmade materials with non animal glues.
    Rocketdog(they make some leather items so check before you buy)
    Iron Fist
    Inamagura(rare to find in shops, online only)

    For the follow also check www.gocrueltyfree for more companies. This list are HighStreet accessable

    Co-operative Own brand

    Barry M
    Superdrug(some items not Vegan, but all are none animal tested)
    Urban Decay

    *Walkers Vegan List, Updated July 2012*
    Walkers Mystery Flavour B
    Walkers Mystery Flavour C
    Walkers BBQ Rib Flavour Crisps
    Walkers Pickled Onion Flavour Crisps
    Walkers Prawn Cocktail Flavour Crisps
    Walkers Ready Salted Crisps
    Walkers Salt & Vinegar Flavour Crisps
    Walkers Steak & Onion Flavour Crisps
    Walkers Worcester Sauce Flavour Crisps
    Walkers Salt & Shake Crisps
    Walkers Lights Simply Salted Crisps
    Walkers Crinkles Simply Sea Salted Flavour Crisps
    Walkers MAX Chargrilled Steak Flavour Crisps
    Walkers MAX Paprika Flavour Crisps
    Walkers Extra Crunchy Flame Grilled Steak Flavour Crisps
    Walkers Extra Crunchy Simply Salted Flavour Crisps
    Sensations Balsamic Vinegar & Caramelised Onion Flavour Crisps
    Walkers Ruffles Original Flavour
    Walkers Ruffles Paprika Flavour
    Baked Ready Salted
    Baked Stars Mild Sweet Chilli Flavour
    French Fries Ready Salted
    French Fries Salt & Vinegar Flavour
    Quavers Prawn Cocktail Flavour
    Quavers Salt & Vinegar Flavour
    Sensations Poppadom Bites Lime & Coriander Chutney Flavour
    Squares Ready Salted Flavour
    Squares Salt & Vinegar Flavour
    Sunbites Lightly Sea Salted
    SunBites Sun Ripened Sweet Chilli Flavour
    Wotsits Flamin’ Hot Flavour
    Doritos BBQ Rib Flavour
    Doritos Chilli Heatwave Flavour
    Doritos Lightly Salted Flavour
    Smiths Chipsticks Ready Salted
    Smiths Chipsticks Salt ‘n’ Vinegar Flavour
  2. Lord Snot

    Lord Snot Parsley Provider

    ASDA have their own brand of soy yoghurts, which are £1.14 compared to £1.68 for AlproSoy. I found the soy taste very strong in them whereas AlproSoy taste of normal yoghurt to me, but otherwise they are pretty much identical.

    In case anybody doesn't know, Fry's chocolate cream bars are vegan. I think the orange ones are too but I haven't seen them anywhere for years. Mr Kipling's treacle tart and blackberry and apple pies are vegan.
  3. Moll Flanders

    Moll Flanders Deity

    ^ Damn, I ordered my groceries from Asda this week. I have to look for the yoghurts. I still haven't tried the newish vegan Tesco range of yoghurts, cheeze etc yet.

    (Not really accessible for everyone on here but I just visited the new Soho Whole Foods Market store in London today and it seems to have so much of a yummy vegan range. I'm going back there when I have more money.)
  4. Lord Snot

    Lord Snot Parsley Provider

    I just had a glass of Kaloo's chocolate soy milk. It's a bit soy-y but the chocolate is yummy :)

    I don't work for ASDA (promise) but I can also recommend their own brand sausage mix. It comes in granule form in a green packet, in our branch it's in the aisle with the pasta sauces. You add some water, stir, leave for 10 minutes then fry or grill it. I add about 1/2 tsp of salt to the powder before adding water and sometimes some chilli powder or herbs too. It is very similar to omni sausage meat but less moist because it has a much lower fat content. Delicious with chips and beans for a lazy meal.

    They also have a burger mix, which tastes very onion-y but is pretty burger like.
  5. Alice-Bee

    Alice-Bee Mad as A Hatter

    Durham UK
    I like the Asda ones...peach yum. I havent tried Alpro ones though.
    I love Frys cream bars...sooo good. I got some in B&M bargain shop for 31p a bar!
  6. peewit

    peewit Well Known Member

    Baxters now make quite a few vegan things, (Yay!), & they are all marked as such. Way to go...

    It's mostly soup, but also a vegetable chilli pot, which is very good. Sweet potato & dahl lentil in the same kind of pot as the chilli, (deli bowls)
    the rest are in cans. They are all quite healthy & tasty. The soups are in the "healthy", rather than veggie range. A lot of them are non-vegan
    due to honey, but I'm hoping that they will change this.
  7. raggle

    raggle Deity


    I've never seen any Soya yoghurts other than Alpro ones! But I do love them. Also Alpro do packs of 2 'smooth & creamy' yoghurts which are actually delicious (but expensive.)
  8. Moll Flanders

    Moll Flanders Deity

    Has anyone else tasted the mushroom and ale Linda McC pies? I thought they were horrible even though they won an award.:p
  9. Alice-Bee

    Alice-Bee Mad as A Hatter

    Durham UK
    Yeah I had them. They were ok, nothing to rave about.
    I prefer the Mince ones :D
  10. Moll Flanders

    Moll Flanders Deity

    I prefer the original pies too.:) Some of the Clive's Pies are vegan but I usually only ever see them when I'm out and not wanting to carry shopping around.
  11. Alice-Bee

    Alice-Bee Mad as A Hatter

    Durham UK
    Ive never heard of that brand...where do you get them?
  12. Blobbenstein

    Blobbenstein .......

    yeah, Clive's Pies are pretty good.
  13. Moll Flanders

    Moll Flanders Deity

    I've seen them in various health food shops around London. You can order them online from Goodness Direct. GoodnessDirect

    They are a bit expensive though because they are only the same size of the LindaMcC pies from what I remember! :eek:
  14. SummerRain

    SummerRain I dreamed that God would be forgiving.

    I didn't like them, but my parents did so I put it down to disliking ale.
  15. AeryFairy

    AeryFairy Anachronism

    Manchester, UK
    Ooh, I like Clive's pies. My local health food co op does them.

    I went to vegfest, and discovered many new things. redwood's fish steak things were to die for.
  16. lucky_charm

    lucky_charm Famous Member

    Ooo are they yogurts with no 'bits in'? Cause I am weird and don't really like yogurts with bits of fruit through them, but I thought that's what I was stuck with when it came to soya yogurts. I secretly wish there was vegan petit filous :p
  17. AeryFairy

    AeryFairy Anachronism

    Manchester, UK
    There is! I cannot remember the brand, but I bought one from my local veg co op once and was disappointed with the bit-less yogurt. I will find out the band name next time I'm in there.

    From what I remember, the asda ones have bits.
  18. lucky_charm

    lucky_charm Famous Member

    Ooh awesome! The Asda ones do have bits but apparently there are these Alpro smooth and creamy ones, I haven't seen them before though!
  19. raggle

    raggle Deity


    No bits! They are soooo tasty. :)
  20. beancounter

    beancounter The Fire That Burns Within

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