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Product: Cat in the Bag


I saw this on FB and it looks like a good idea. What do you guys think? I can't imagine every cat would be as docile and cooperative as the one in the video. I like the idea for the car, but not for carrying the cat around. Hmmmmm.



Stranger in a strange land
I wouldn't need it for anyone I could get into it. :p

For the car, I prefer something that offers more protection in case of an accident. In case of a collision, this would make the cat more vulnerable than nothing at all.


Good point regarding the safety issue. I was thinking of my Ben who freaks out in the carrier and sometimes poops and vomits. I guess that could still happen, especially if it's the car he is afraid of.

Amy SF

Dweller in nature
I can see using it to administer medicines and getting very skittish or aggressive cats into the carrier, but I'm also concerned about the possible safety risks of strapping a cat down in a car seat like that. Hard plastic carriers IMO are the safest for transporting a cat by car.