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UK News Primary School - To Slaughter Pet Pigs !

Jamie in Chile

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I don't think the activism here has necessarily been a waste of time. Obviously this pig was not able to be saved but it will surely make the teacher and also the students think more carefully about similar choices in the future.

While the headmaster may not have been likely to change his previously stated position for the current pig, he may not necessarily have the same opinion next time.

This may cause some student at the school to decide to go vegetarian as well, if it hasn't already.

The nature of activism is often slow and frustrating progress, but it's better than not trying at all. Kudos to the activists!


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What would be a tremendous lesson about the whole 'circle of life' food chain would be to have a school garden and compost pile!
I would expect this to have an impact on the kids. It's not like the old pioneer days of survival!


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"I don’t want this to be forgotten about, just because the pigs have died doesn’t mean this is over yet because Harris seems to be entertaining the idea of getting more pigs doomed to slaughter next school year… Despite the fact that, after allowing students to talk to the newspapers and share their personal details where anyone could read them, a student received hate mail; despite guardians of children being threatened with arrest; despite international controversy; despite various safe guarding issues; the so called responsible adults ‘in charge’ want to get more pigs next year?! Murderous minds."