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Children Post pics of your (human) kiddos!


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Here are a couple from Christmas of our munchkin:

Looking in the bag to see that one of her presents was a giant rubber duck!

Christmas card photo:


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She is too adorable for words!

Josh with a new truck that he got from his Aunt Heather on his fourth birthday (Christmas Eve).

And little Miss Lydia at the mall.

When days were warmer.


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Holy cuteness overload!!:smitten:

IamJen- I love both pics but that second pic is friggin adorable! Perfect for a Christmas card!

KLS52- Lydia and Josh!! OMG those faces. Such beautiful eyes and cute smiles. A birthday on Christmas Eve for Josh huh? How does he feel about that?


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Thanks! Josh isn't fazed by it yet. With three sets of grandparents all he knows is he gets lots of presents, lol. My daughter was bothered by it from the beginning and I'm starting to realize that it can be a nuisance. But hey, like anything else, it's what you make of it. It just takes a little more effort and planning to make sure the birthday is separate from the holiday. :)


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Aw gorgeous children guys! That Christmas card picture is just so adorable!

Here's my two: DD is 8:

DS is 2 (though this pic was taken before he turned two):


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Oh so much cuteness!

Karen, how are they so big already? I can remember when you were waiting for Josh to be born, let alone Lydia. (p.s. I love the name Lydia)

Chryssie, nice pic! Your grandson looks so much like your son too.

AL, they look like they are having a good time. Love the freckles too!


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Here is the picture of both my sons and the kids; even though looking at the old pictures makes me sad, I had to include Erin though he no longer is of this world. He was a lost soul who I hope has found peace....

Spring and Summer 2011 078.jpg


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Thank you for the hugs. I appreciate it. Yes, Colin resembles Erin in coloring.... a reddish tint to the hair that comes from my side of the family.