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Music Post a song that doesn't suck

The man can sing and write beautifully. I wish I wrote these lyrics, damn it.
I love Hozier, it's like going back in time to when music was good. Take me to Church is close to becoming my favorite song.

I found this one in the movie Copenhagen.


This song, featured in the film, Fly Away Home, is an 18th-century English folk ballad, originally titled, Fare Thee Well.



MadamSarcastra, over & out.
Well, this happened to be posted on an April 1st, so.... and it's students doing a little ditty by one of my favorite musical satirists, P.D.Q. Bach (Peter Schickele)!! I listened to my dad's LP, long ago, incessantly, (album that this round was part of), and actually caught the prof himself & the whole P.D.Q. gang live at Carnegie Hall.... again, long time ago.... this is cute, though. ;)