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Music Post a song that doesn't suck


Mercurial and fleeting
Austin City Limits has had some great performances this season. And if you're a fan of high-energy Irish rock n roll (like I am) you'd do well to check out Flogging Molly in the latest episode. It is quite a ride. They played every single song as if it was an encore. I kept thinking: 'Surely this is the last song they'll do - how can they top it?' But they just kept going, one after another.

I'm pretty sure just watching this video will burn calories off of you. :rp:


PS Mumford and Sons are pretty awesome too. (They are the first 25 min of the video link.)


Foot Fetisher

"These rappers come and they go
But I been here the whole time letting ************s know
This is longevity versus brevity
You'll never be ready to meddle with my pedigree"
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