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Music Post a song that doesn't suck


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This is the band staying at the motel tonight. I just met that lady and she was super nice. I might go check them out after work, see if they're still playing. She liked my skirt.


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Dunno if I posted this before:

And all the songs were new
And they broke our hearts in two
But we still walked away
So I just pushed on through
And I made my muscles move
So I don't have to say
That it's not right to carry on
It might be old but she isn't gone
And you never listened anyway



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Here's a nice one by Queensryche (not new, but more current than most of my contributions to this thread have been):

Band: Queensryche
Song: Silent Lucidity

I find dreams fascinating, but this song's melody and arrangement really grab me.

EDITED TO ADD: There appears to be some sort of copyright infringement issues cropping up with some of the posts here- the video to which we are posting links are vanishing. So I deleted the link and just typed in the band and song title.
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^ I love FAK!

Here's a song from a fairly new artist.

Broken Twin - Glimpse Of A Time

Her debut album will be out later this year and I am really looking forward to it. I saw her at a festival and a small venue in London last year and she was completely spellbinding.