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Poll: Which airline has the best vegan food?


Hey, everyone. I'm writing a news article ranking the airlines with the best vegan food. If there are any vegan travelers in this forum, I'd love to hear which airline served you up the best meal.

My personal favorite is Singapore Airlines. They have variety and tasty food. Thanks!

Jamie in Chile

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When we fly, let's remember to order the vegan food which you have to do in advance, sometimes over the phone. This will help promote veganism, bring the airlines closer to having that as a standard option on the flight, and ultimately reduce animal cruelty. Even though a vegan option as standard looks to be some years away, it would still be good to work towards that.

My last flight was LAN and it was pretty basic but I still liked it but it was just veg + carbs and less elaborate than the non vegan options. That was the first time I tried the vegan food. The other times I forgot to order in advance or it was before I veg*n.

By the way, is it possible that anyone who flies often enough to rank airlines by food quality is flying too often in this era of global warming? It isn't possible to meet the targets of each nation to prevent runaway global warming without cutting flights.


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All the airline companies that I have flown with from Europe offer a poor choice. I have usually been served white rice or pasta with some cooked vegetables and a fruit salad.