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TV & Film Pixar Movies

Amy SF

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Which Pixar movies have you seen? Which are your favorites?

Here is the list of Pixar movies, copied from Wikipedia:

I have seen:
The three Toy Story movies
Finding Nemo
The Incredibles

I enjoyed all of them, so it's hard for me to pick a favorite. Probably Finding Nemo. I think.

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I have seen all the Toy Story movies and loved them all, especially 1 and 3. I think Toy Story 1 will forever be my favourite pixar film. I remember seeing it for the first time and it was the first time cgi had been used like that, it was amazing. I loved the story line and it came out when I was still playing with toys myself (I was about 8). It is also probably the film I quote the most :D.

I have also seen most of the others. A bugs life was good but I remember liking Ants (another cgi animated insect film not by Pixar which was out about the same time) more.

Monsters Inc was ok but not one of my favourites.

Finding Nemo was Pixar back to their best, that mix of adventure, heartfelt storyline and humorous situations and characters, and this would rank as one of my favourites.

I really like the Incredibles- it has some fond memories for me as I watched it on tv with my boyfriend when we had just started going out, and it was the first time he'd come over to my house.

I've never seen Cars.

Ratatouille I only watched recently after I bought it on blu ray, again like A Bugs Life or Monsters Inc it was good but not excellent. I am nevertheless excited about the Ratatouille Dark Ride coming to Disneyland Paris in 2014.

Wall-E was awesome :)

I have Up on Blu Ray and I haven't watched it yet- I'm kind of saving it as I've heard it's good so I want to watch it when I have plenty of time and I'm really in the mood for it.

I haven't seen Cars 2 (for some reason I think of Cars as being less interesting to an adult market than the others, but I'm not sure if that's really the case?)

I saw Brave recently in the cinema, and while it's not Pixar at their best it is very good (and set in my home country with stereotypes galore!)


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I have seen all of them with the exception of the sequels, UP, and Brave. I really enjoyed all of them and can't really pick a favorite. I haven't watched an animated film in some time.


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I have seen:

Toy Story (original)
Finding Nemo

I fell asleep during both Ratatouille and Up. I really liked the other three I've seen, but have no desire to see sequels. I wouldn't choose any of them as a favorite.

I don't generally like animation, so I pretty much only see animated films when I'm with someone else who wants to watch them.


I've seen all of them apart from Brave.

Toy Story, WALL-E & Up are amazing. The latter 2 are actually 2 of my favourite films. :)


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I've seen them all except Brave, but I would really like to see that one too! I don't need to pick a favorite, cause they are mostly so good, and I do think they just keep getting better. I totally cried during Toy Story 3. And Up and Wall-E and Monsters, Inc and Finding Nemo... They're just so good! :smitten:


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Yep, Toy Story 3 made me cry, and not just the usual tearing up either. And don't get me started on Carl and Ellie's story in the beginning of Up....oh my goodness.


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I haven't seen A Bug's Life, Up, Toy Story 3, Cars 2 or Brave.

My favourite is either Cars or WALL-E. I don't really want to see Cars 2 though because I can't really see a point of a sequel.

I have no desire to see Toy Story 3. I really can't stand Toy Story and I only saw Toy Story 2 because I got forced to watch it in school as the end of term treat. :brood:

I really want to see Up and I'm desperate to go see Brave at the cinema.


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I don't really know what to say, lol. It's not like I don't watch a lot of TV. I think I even own the Nemo DVD...I should see if I can find it and watch it this weekend.
Nemo's a good one. :yes: They are all funny and sweet and I can't imagine you not liking them unless you don't like cartoons or something.