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Pistorius Murder Trial

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by shyvas, Mar 2, 2014.

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  1. shyvas

    shyvas Deity Forum Moderator

  2. shyvas

    shyvas Deity Forum Moderator

    Is anyone watching the trial ? I'm watching it on SKY and find it quite interesting. Both Afrikaans and English are being used and depending on the witness that is on stand, it is being translated simultaneously.
  3. Blobbenstein

    Blobbenstein .......

    I'm not really following it. I think he is probably guilty though. Shooting through a bathroom door when you don't know who is behind it, and killing the person, is murder, I think, even if it had been an intruder.
  4. shyvas

    shyvas Deity Forum Moderator

    There seems to be little doubt that he is guilty. Shooting someone behind a toilet door when only him and his girlfriend where in the house. Furthermore she was said to have screamed prior to the first shot.
  5. Indian Summer

    Indian Summer Administrator Owner

    I don't know a lot about the case, but it sounds like a very tragic accident. South Africa has become the kind of country where violent burglaries are all too common, and you just need to be able and willing to protect yourself.
  6. Moll Flanders

    Moll Flanders Deity

    It seems tacky to me that the trial is being shown as it seems to be almost entertainment. I won't be watching it but I hope justice is served. I saw on TV today that a gambling company has produced an advert promoting bets on the outcome which is incredibly tasteless and offensive to me.

    Paddy Power Slammed For Advert Urging Bets On Oscar Pistorius Trial
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  7. Calliegirl

    Calliegirl Deity

    I'm not watching it, but I do follow the updates on the nightly news.
    At first I thought it was probably just an accident, but with all the evidence coming out now, it's hard to see it as one anymore. Plus, I find it hard to believe that someone would blindly shoot through a closed door when other people are also in the home and you don't know if it might be them, regardless of the crime in the area.

    If I have a b/f staying over and I wake up during the night and that person isn't in bed next to me and I hear a noise in the bathroom, my first thought is that they are in the bathroom, not that someone broke in and I better get my gun and shoot through the door a whole bunch of times, no matter the amount of crime in the area.
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  8. Mischief

    Mischief Addicted Poster


    Agreed. Publicized trials are the modern equivalent of public executions.
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  9. shyvas

    shyvas Deity Forum Moderator

    I disagree and find that it is interesting and enlightening to watch how justice systems work in different countries. I was surprised to learn that in South African courts they don't have juries and it is
    the judge together with 2 assessors that will decide upon the verdict.
  10. shyvas

    shyvas Deity Forum Moderator

    I've been following the trial during these last few week. I am captivated by the prosector Gerrie Nel and the brilliant manner he is presenting the evidence. He is apparently know in the South African Law circle to be the 'pit Bull'.

    I hope that justice will be served for Reeva and her family. It is so sad to see her poor mother who sits in court every day and who has to hear the gruesome details of her daughter's death.

  11. I know next to nothing about the facts in the case, but if he was in bed, it seems to me that he would feel more vulnerable than the average person because he wouldn't have his prosthetic legs on. So maybe more likely to jump to conclusions and shoot.

    And I heard he shot a whole bunch of bullets, making it seem suspicious. My father (WW2 US marine), taught me to never point a gun unless I was ready to shoot right away. No brandishing/threatening--he said to run away screaming, but if that wasn't possible, to aim for the torso and keep shooting until the gun was empty.

    No matter what really went down that night, it's just so sad that the young woman is dead.
  12. shyvas

    shyvas Deity Forum Moderator

    The prosecution is basically telling him that he and Reeva had adequate time to walk away from the danger, as the toilet was quite far away from the bedroom. Instead he walked on his stumps towards the danger and did
    not ensure that Reeva was in the bed.
  13. Such a horrible thing. :(
  14. Clueless Git

    Clueless Git Plant powered

    Milton Keynes, UK
    That had occurred to me too.

    Fact is that no one, apart from Pistorious himself, will ever really know.
  15. shyvas

    shyvas Deity Forum Moderator

    It looks like you've not been following the trial as it seems that Pistorius is telling a bunch of lies.
  16. Clueless Git

    Clueless Git Plant powered

    Milton Keynes, UK
    Not exactly on-topic but the fact that the device in the clip below is legal in SA gives something away ...

  17. Clueless Git

    Clueless Git Plant powered

    Milton Keynes, UK
    And how it seems to those following the trial will be what goes down in the books as what happened, Shyvas.

    What really happened is something that no one, apart from Pistorious himself, will ever really know.
  18. shyvas

    shyvas Deity Forum Moderator

  19. shyvas

    shyvas Deity Forum Moderator

  20. shyvas

    shyvas Deity Forum Moderator

    The state and the defence have presented their closing arguments during the last two days.

    The prosecutor Gerry Nels did a brilliant job during his presentation. I didn't find the defence lawyer, Roux particularly convincing. Apparently the Pistorius family were delighted with Roux's
    presentation and tapped him on the back and thanked him. Furthermore Pistorius's uncle stated that his nephew should be back to olympics shortly.

    The verdict will be read on the 11 th September.
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