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Pictures of Your Animal Friends

This is the baby ground squirrel we rescued yesterday. There are about 4 babies living in the yard that steal food from the ducks. We noticed this one was laying on the ground, barely moving. There was a little blood, but we couldn't find where it came from. o_O
He survived the night and is eating, so we are hopeful. :)

Ibabysquirrel1(600 x 450).jpg
Ibabysquirrel2(600 x 450).jpg
Ibabysquirrel4(600 x 450).jpg


I think we have a job for Pickle Juice, now that she's a mod - moving all the "family" photos from this thread over to the animal family thread. :p


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Really excellent pictures. :) I wish I knew some cows.

I captured a little video footage of my rabbits. Unfortunately the video quality is not that good, because it's just a webcam.