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Music Opinions on the Harp Twins

Indian Summer

Cult Leader
The Harp Twins, Camille and Kennerly, have a bunch of videos on Youtube, e.g.:

What do you think? They have some pretty original performances. As a bonus there is also all that blonde hair and skimpy outfits, times two since they are twins. I just don't know quite how to place this. Harp music isn't exactly typical pop music, but the expression here is still typical for pop music. So I guess it's pop harp?

Well, it's interesting in any case.


I think they are very good. I'm not into just instrumental. I usually needs music with words and words that I can sing along to at the top of my lungs. :D

They are talented and nice to look at.


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I will have to check them out later. I have a friend whose daughter played the harp for a little while. Such an interesting instrument.