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Security NSA Spy-Tool/Hacking Tool Leaks

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Technology' started by Joe, Aug 23, 2016.

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  1. Joe

    Joe Celebrity Member

    Powerful NSA hacking tools have been revealed online

    "Some of the most powerful espionage tools created by the National
    Security Agency’s elite group of hackers have been revealed in recent
    days, a development that could pose severe consequences for the spy
    agency’s operations and the security of government and corporate

    "A cache of hacking tools with code names such as Epicbanana,
    Buzzdirection and Egregiousblunder appeared mysteriously online over
    the weekend, setting the security world abuzz with speculation over
    whether the material was legitimate."


    "Without a doubt, they’re the keys to the kingdom," said one former
    TAO [ Tailored Access Operations] employee, who spoke on the condition
    of anonymity to discuss sensitive internal operations. "The stuff
    you’re talking about would undermine the security of a lot of major
    government and corporate networks both here and abroad."

    Said a second former TAO hacker who saw the file: "From what I saw,
    there was no doubt in my mind that it was legitimate."


    [NEWSFLASH] An Egregious Blunder

    "Some of the most powerful hacking tools, apparently developed by the
    National Security Agency’s elite cyber-espionage group, have been
    leaked online, creating an enormous threat to the security of the
    entire Internet and everyone who uses it. Governments, corporations,
    and yes, you, must now deal with the possibility that anyone could
    have these super-spy tools and start using them. Read on ..."


    "More than 300 megabytes of data included zero-day exploits, which the
    NSA has long been suspected of keeping to itself instead of sharing
    them with hardware and software developers so the vulnerabilities
    could be patched. The exploits target enterprise-grade firewalls made
    by the likes of Cisco and Fortinet. They would enable an attacker to
    penetrate private networks and the public networks of ISPs. Other
    tools in this Pandora’s box can be used to vacuum up mass quantities
    of data from compromised computers."

  2. MadamSarcastra

    MadamSarcastra ONE YEAR VEGAN! YAY!! =)

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