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UK Non Dairy Skim Milk?



I am really anti the dairy trade - as far as I am concerned it's actually worse than meat eating?

But I love a cup of tea, and whilst I'm going black at the moment, which is fine, I would love to know if there is a non-dairy alternative to skimmed milk? My partner loves nut milk,oat milk, coconut milk etc. but I am struggling as I don't actually enjoy the creamy taste of milk, but I am failing to find any alternative.

I can obviously keep going milk free,but if anyone knows an alternative to skim milk I would be very grateful! I just don't like the creamy full fat taste which i appreciate many non-dairy people would prefer and many dairy free milks have successfully replicated. I just want a vague milk taste! Not creamy, not fatty, nothing like that - skimmed taste if possible?

Many thanks for any help,

(including home made stuff if that would work?)



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I second the suggestion of rice milk. It has much the same consistency of skim milk.


Thanks for your replies. I'm thinking rice milk might be the way to go then, just wondering about the water issues?


Thanks so much for your replies.

I do think rice milk is the way to go if I'm after the skimmed milk taste - I like it!

The only thing that worries me about rice milk - and thanks for your comment Mischief, thank you - I was just wondering about how much water goes into the production? That was all. But I suppose there re rights and wrongs of everything we do.

We can only try our best x


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I would suggest either oat or soya milk. Neither are watery or creamy. However, depending on the brands, soya can have a slight bean like taste. Rice milk tends to be very watery and rather sweet. It also does have that chalky like flavour.

I gather that you are in the US are you use the work skim. I'm not familiar with the US brands, only the UK and European ones, so cannot suggest any particular one. Moreover, most people just add a dash of milk, the taste of pb milk shouldn't be overwhelming.

We are indeed lucky to have so much choice when it comes to pb milk. Everyone should find one that is their cup of tea.

Ooops , I've just seen that you're in the UK. Alpro or Oatly are both excellent brands.
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