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Announcement New version of the forum software (Xenforo 2.1)

Indian Summer

Cult Leader
On Saturday I upgraded VV's forum software to the most recent major version, Xenforo 2.1.

Below I've listed some of the new features and changes since the upgrade. Some of these come from the core forum software, some come from add-ons.
  • Push notifications: You can now choose to get VV notifications directly to your smartphone or tablet (except iOS devices) or your browser (except Safari), so you won't miss a thing. Enable this from your preferences, look for 'Push notifications'.
  • Search bar auto complete, using words actually found in our threads/posts. This is similar to Google Search and other search engines. The search feature is generally improved, so please give this another chance if you didn't like it so much before.
  • Emojis - these are accessible from the smilie menu, but you can also paste them in from elsewhere or get them from your smartphone's own menu (I think)
  • URL unfurling including a small "preview" of the target page. (Only if the URL is on its own line in the post.)
  • "Quick thread" inside forums, and a button to create a new thread from the main page and inside forums
  • Members without an avatar will get one based on the first letter in their username
  • Round avatars
I will add more features to the list once I can think of them.