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New vegan cheese - Violife

Jamie in Chile

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We just bought a new vegan cheese the other day called Violife.
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Taste: Really quite good! Very much like Mozzarella. Jen said it was one of the best vegan cheeses she's had, ever. I think she first bought some from Tesco (delivery?) and then found some more at Holland & Barrett in town.

Environment: it does not contain palm oil!

Nutrition: No protein. Contains water, coconut oil and starch as the main ingredients. Coconut oil has a lot of saturated fat, but I believe that's not so bad as previously thought when consumed in moderation....?

They have several different flavours:
Violife products

They're available in a lot of European countries + South Africa, Jordan and Israel:
Violife availability
I found this in Chile a few weeks ago. At Jumbo supermarket. It really is the best vegan cheese I've had by far. The others (I've tried 3 or 4) were fairly mediocre in taste. Still quite expensive and I assume it is getting made in Greece only and shipped around the world.

Looking at your post from 2014, I think it was the exact same product with the exact same packet design.


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I just got an email from VeganEssentials.com that Violife cheeses are now available for order. I've inquired about their cold-pack deliveries. If the box can withstand 8 hours on the front steps, I'll be ordering some to try.


So found some of the Violife Cheddar in my local Tesco and have to say it is the best I have tasted so far, was (from what I remember) just like a mild cheddar! Needless to say it's all gone and I will be buying more. It can be melted on toast but I found it stuck to the roof of my mouth a little, so wouldn't recommend!


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Nope, not available in Germany yet, but I am intrigued!
Will definitely ask my local vegan shop to inquire about it....


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I'd say about the same ....
But I have not had Daiya in a very long time, as it is only available in the US...


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Is it better than daya cheese?
Daiya has shreds, slices, and blocks. the shreds aren't good except for typical American grilled cheese, but the blocks are freakin' delicious. Monteray Jack, cheddar and Jalepano havarti. I love them all as much as I remember loving dairy cheese- which was my favorite food just under olives.
Just made a pizza with the Monteray Jack so I'm really happy about Daiya...:D


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Sorry I've never heard of Daiya cheese so unable to commment
The logical thing then would be not to comment at all, but then, if you were a spambot trying to rack up a number of comments, it would of course make sense :D.


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No, I haven't tried quite a few of them as I keep buying the one that goes on pizza or the slices.
Same here. I find that their pizza cheese is the best one on the market. I'm not keen on their cream cheese as it
tastes like dessert.