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Announcement New 50+ Discussion sub-forum in The Lounge

Indian Summer

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Hello all,

I've created a 50+ Discussion sub-forum underneath The Lounge for members who are 50 or older. This is not publicly accessible, and it's not visible even to VV members unless you're in the 50+ Discussion group, which is a joinable user group.

If you go to 'Join User Groups' in your account drop-down menu (next to the PM and alerts icons), you should be able to see the user group listed and request to join.


Stranger in a strange land
I'm almost tempted to join, just to see whether the discussions center on bowel movements and current health concerns. :p

Amy SF

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I'm almost tempted to join, just to see whether the discussions center on bowel movements and current health concerns. :p
Well, that’s inevitable. :p But I’m hoping we can also discuss such things as how we’re treated in society now that we’re older versus how we used to be treated when we were younger. It can be especially difficult for us women.


Stranger in a strange land
It's just a joke between my sister (72) and me (almost 63) - the first one of us to start talking about bowel movements, or focusing on ailments - the other one is to shoot her dead and feed her to the cats and dogs.

As to becoming a woman "of a certain age" - I have found it liberating, rather than difficult. It would be an ideal time to embark on a life of crime. Hmmmm...


Only Kindness Matters
I’m in! I don’t know if I really see the need for it because I can discuss anything anywhere but I’m game.


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I thought discussions of bowel movements would be less interesting and thus less prominent among vegans, who typically do not suffer from constipation as much as people who don’t get enough fiber...


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@Andy_T True... but there's the possible opposite problem when you consume as much fiber as some of us do...

Ermagerd. I haven't even joined yet, although I'm plenty qualified to (my 67th birthday is in July of this year), and this is what our posts are about?...

Eh, who cares??!! All surviving members of Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, etc are older than most of us here. LET'S DO IT!!!!!!!

(sticks tongue out like Gene Simmons, but doesn't dare try to breathe fire because he's using a public computer in a library)