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TV & Film Movies and Mangled Lyrics


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There seems to be a trend in current movies to mangle song lyrics, people's names, etc.

I dunno whether this is supposed to be funny, cute, deliberately mocking the character for being stupid, or what. But here are a few that stuck in my mind.

Carry a laser.

(For Kyrie eleison.)

We built this city on the wrong damn road

"Enough with the Grateful Dead music already. Don't you know that Gary Garcia has been dead and gone for many, many years!"

Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells
Batman smells
Robin laid an egg
And the Batmobile
Lost its wheel
And Joker got away.

ETA: Re-rented a movie. It said the wrong damn road, so I corrected that.
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More mangled lyrics from I Give It a Year:

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree
I travel the world in generic jeans

Elton John:

Hold me close and tie me down, sir.

Kurt Cobain:

Here we are now in containers.



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I don't know if this is a common misheard lyric, but I used to think Gilbert O'Sullivan's song, "Alone Again, Naturally" had the line:

When as if to knock me down
The allergy came around
And without so much as a mere touch broke me into little pieces

I think it's supposed to be "reality came around".