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Music TV & Film Movie Soundtracks & Scores (that help "make" the film)....


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I've always thought a lot about music in movies, how it's used, how it helps drive the mood & the story... being quite a cinephile & also musically inclined, who could blame me? LOL :rolleyes:

I'm just gonna start with some stuff I've got in my collection.... awesome song selections/scores for these particular films....

(alphabetically from my DVDs... just gonna do a few)

American Hustle (2013) - Soundtracks - IMDb

American Psycho (2000) - Soundtracks - IMDb

The Big Chill (1983) - Soundtracks - IMDb

The Blues Brothers (1980) - Soundtracks - IMDb

The Darwin Awards (2006) - Soundtracks - IMDb

And the list shall continue....

Post your faves! :dance:
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The soundtrack to the 8 series movie "Oceano" with Irene Papas and Anna Diegues. And of course the soundtracks to "Under sheltering sky", "The space camp, 1986", "The close encounters of the third kind"(!!!)(What a beautiful music!):rolleyes:
Oh, and the 1994 "Stargate"<3. This is my favourite.
The Space camp music and The close encounters of the third kind music scores are written by the one of my favourite composers John Williams.
And the last but not least is the score to the movie Contact (1997):lick:
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Only Kindness Matters
Armegeddon (specifically "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing")
Pearl Harbor (specifically "There You'll Be")


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I remember the movie 200 Cigarettes for the soundtrack. Don't remember the movie though- like Pretty in Pink


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My favorite ones are from Thor (2011). They are:
1. Letting go
2. Can you see Jane
3. Forgive me


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Dead Poets Society
The Commitments
Steal Big, Steal Little
The Mothman Prophecies
The Blues Brothers
Into the Wild
The Social Network
Reality Bites
The Big Chill
Anything with John Williams

And many more. :)