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Meditation Tips

Indian Summer

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Bump for anyone who needs to meditate.
I went to a talk at work this week which was supposed to be about mindfulness. It was part of our 'Mental health & wellbeing week'. The presenter talked about his personal experiences as an apprentice with two Tibetan monks for a period of many years, and also living for 3.5 years in a retreat with daily meditation practice. It was really quite interesting. I might just see if there's any meditation or mindfulness coaching in our area, if I get the opportunity.

Moll Flanders

I had to do mindfulness practice daily as part of my therapy back in 2010. It didn't seem like it was as well known back then as whenever I mentioned it people hadn't heard of it, they had heard of meditation.

I started it again last year. It's hard to concentrate once you have fallen out of the habit.:D

I had forgotten but I did look at going to a mindfulness group in central London early this year. I actually find it easier to do in a group setting. Oh yeah, the thing that put me off was that in the photo of the group they were all men! Lol.


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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation improves thought processes, increases energy, reduces stress and tension, and restores your hormonal balance. A recent study in the Journal of Health Psychology demonstrated a link between increased mediation and decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Meditation to Reduce Hair Loss

Most cases of stress-related hair loss can be reversed. A simple treatment, meditation has shown to reduce stress in both men and women. In as little as five to ten minutes of meditation practised daily can help to reset your emotions, calm your mind, and reduced stress levels may even help to reduce hair loss.
Sometimes I struggle to sleep because I am stressing or my mind wanders. Try Headspace app. I found it so useful and has helped me fall asleep easier and quicker!