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May Health Challenge (2017)


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We're getting Lidl's - maybe in September! I have no idea what it is about. :???:

I ran/walked my route backwards this morning. I don't know why I don't do it more often as I get a much better view of the train bridge if I start out going left instead of right. I think I like to get the big hill out of the way sooner into my excursion than later.
I've never been to a US Lidl's only an Aldi's. They aren't too bad if you're looking for deals. Some of their fresh produce can be much cheaper than the standard supermarkets. However, if you shop in the 99 c stores you'll find Lidl's far more expensive. Their range of electrical home alliances and leisure wear is also good value for money.

I walked for an hour today (including my trip to Lidl's) despite it being warm. I'm quite pleased because I have been bad with exercise due many health and other personal issues.
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I walked for 30 minutes at a steady but not fast pace. I was very tired as I was up since 3.30 am so literally forced myself to go out. I went to the nearby woodland and there was a group of people with their dogs that were playing ball. The dogs looked so happy - exactly like children do when they play.
Anyway, I was pleased with my walk, even though I didn't really do a strenuous work out. Despite having tendinitis I think that it was wise to take it easy.

It's very hot today so I will sleep with the window open tonight.


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Wondering if you guys feel this is accurate.
It's from my fitbit.
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I think that it does depend on your life style and age. If you're young and doing a lot of physical activity you certainly do need a lot of carbs. I for one would be huge if I ate 40 % of carbs during the day. Moreover it also depends on what kind of carbs you're eating ; complex or just plain sugar. Too many carbs make me feel hungry.
I usually get my carbs by eating vegetables and fruit and occasionally whole grains.


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My knee is getting better but is still a bit wonky, so I have been doing weights and toning the past few days. I'm trying to watch the portions as well, since I'm not doing as much cardio. I'm going to wear my knee brace and try some light walking tomorrow (no hills, slower pace).