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Lost in Space (2018 Netflix)


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New Jersey
In a word - meh.

Having watched the original Lost in Space as a kid (reruns), I was looking forward to this reboot.

Unlike the original series, there is no Dr. Smith or Don West (at least not yet). The acting is OK, but the tension and drama feels contrived and shallow. The robot is now an alien that they meet up with. The robot is humanoid. Despite the humanoid rubber foreheads of Star Trek that we've all gotten used to, an alien species is very unlikely to be humanoid, but they stuck with the humanoid trope anyway...

One of the "tense" moments was when a character dove underwater to retrieve a battery that was on the spaceship that sunk when they crash landed. The character was rushing to surface before the water froze. The water was freezing from the bottom up. In reality, water freezes from the top down....

I'm debating whether to watch another episode. Maybe it will get better.