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Last Thing You Bought?


Beach bum
So happy for you! :up: I hope you'll enjoy the show. :clap:💐
Oh, i just remembered that you were asking which album by Opeth is my favourite. (But i ran into the subway at the moment and "successfully forgot" about what we'd been talking)... I'm not sure i have a favourite one, but "Heritage" probably is the prettiest.
Thanks,Val! I am so excited!

Amy SF

Dweller in nature
I went shopping at Ralphs supermarket yesterday, and bought:

(typing from memory)
A bag of Gala apples
Bagged chopped Mediterranean salad
A boxed Asian salad which I ate for lunch when I got home
Drinking water, six coupons used
Diet Dr Pepper
Tortilla chips
Bounce dryer sheets, unscented
Two boxes of sandwich bags
Breathe Right nasal strips, four boxes, four coupons used
Two mini trays of raw veggies with ranch dip, one eaten today for lunch
Two boxes of chocolate cupcakes, four in each box. I bought two boxes because there are five of us at the dining room table, and I wanted to treat everyone and have one for myself. Didn’t find out until dinner time that one of the ladies at the table can’t have chocolate. So the rest of us got a cupcake and the other box is still in my fridge. Maybe I’ll see who else wants one. I really wanted the lemon cupcakes because I like this brand, but they don’t have any right now. The bakery employee said it’s more of a summer flavor.

And I think that’s it for my grocery shopping.


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Ohio, U.S.A
Found a sale on Beyond sauage- got brats, and on Daiya- got swiss. I really like Daiya cheese but think all the white ones taste alike. I'd love to have a vegan swiss!


Ugh...:dizzy:😁 It was a day of "shopping". I got a lot of stuff:
A huge jar of Tioctacid pills (lipoic acid) -100 pills, 600 milligrams each:bd:;
Big jar of the pills that help my digestion:
Advanced nasal drops that help to reduce the symptoms of my nasal septum deviation;
4 vegan soap bars by "Levrana"!:woo:
A huge (and heavy) glass jar of Azeri pomegranate juice;
4 cans or red kidney beans;
2 disgusting pineapple juices;
Blueberry lemonade;
3 small boxes of store-brand pickled yuba;
1 small box of georgian-style pickled cabbage;
2 more jars of green plum Tkemali sauce;
2 packs of Azeri pink tomatoes;
A pack of raw shredded beets;
26 tiny citrus dressings (they may last me ~a month);
A very convenient big plastic container with a rubber lid;
5 packs of ground turmeric;
A small pack of Stenley plums;
1.5 kilos(!) of sugary Iranian dates;
300 grams of cashews;
+ I paid for the cab from Okey mall to our house, because the sack with all my stuff was so heavy, that i hardly dragged it out of the shop and carried it to the car.
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I placed an order from vegan essentials for Vegetarian Plus frozen dinners. I love the Kung Pao chicken and decided to try their orange chicken, drumsticks and citrus sparerib cutlets. :lick:


Beach bum
I placed an order from vegan essentials for Vegetarian Plus frozen dinners. I love the Kung Pao chicken and decided to try their orange chicken, drumsticks and citrus sparerib cutlets. :lick:
I wondered whether the frozen dinners were good. Good to know. I get my veggie broth cubes from them all the time. They work really well.


No effin' whey!
After many. many years of a failrly strict professional business dress code, my company has finally decided to allow business casual attire. Most my clothing in general is long overdue to be replaced, so I went shopping with my boyfriend's mother yesterday. We went to a local outlet mall, and a great consignment clothing boutique. I ended up with about 5 new pairs of well-fitting, dark wash jeans, and a number of cardigans, sweaters and tops. Not a fully functional wardrobe yet, but a step in the right direction. Now that I have a more managerial role in the company, I really want to set a nice, polished and professional example for the rest of the staff.

Amy SF

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I visited Fantastic Sams yesterday because my hair was looking a little too Halloweenish, and Halloween is over. Got color and a cut and style. Looked pretty good, although I think the person I had in September was a little better. I got someone else this time. I also got my eyebrows threaded because they were looking like really fat and hairy caterpillars, plus I constantly struggle to avoid having a unibrow. My eyebrows look a LOT better now. After the salon, I went to the Subway three doors away and got a Veggie Delite footlong for dinner, along with a bag of potato chips. I only ate half the sandwich, so the rest is in my fridge and I’ll finish it for lunch today.

Amy SF

Dweller in nature
I shopped at Trader Joe’s today. I bought:

Sugar snap peas
Fuji apples
Several premade salads
A twin pack of veggie wraps
A four pack of Tejava tea
Drinking water
Movie theater style popcorn (not microwave)
Tortilla chips
Raw almonds

I also wanted macadamia nuts because I just finished the last of my previous purchase yesterday, and the TJ’s brand is really good, but they didn’t have any today.:sob:


I placed an order from vegan essentials for Vegetarian Plus frozen dinners. I love the Kung Pao chicken and decided to try their orange chicken, drumsticks and citrus sparerib cutlets. :lick:
So, I already knew the kung Pao chicken is good other than those pesky pepper flakes.

The citrus sparerib cutlets are now my new favorite. No pepper flakes and the sauce is sweet like the kung pao.

The drumsticks were mediocre at best. Very disappointing.

And the orange chicken was the worst of all. Very bitter tasting sauce. Of course I had to go and buy two of those. I’ll give the remaining one to a young woman at work who is trying a vegan diet for 30 days and she hates beans and tofu so is at a loss of what to eat.


Ugh...:dizzy:I'm a greedy gal...:lol: The food that i've bought might last me until Friday or longer, but now i need a cab to drag it all home. (After big grocery shopping, i always take a cab home, though i obviously can't and shouldn't afford it, haha).:devil:
Today i got:
Another medium head of purple cabbage;
Another medium head of cauliflower;
3 small packs of pickled yuba;
3 small packs of Georgian-style cabbage;
2 (heavy🙄) packs of kiwies on discount;
2 bottles of green plum Tkemali sauce;
3 lemonades;
6 cans of reduced sodium red kidney beans;
16 tiny portions of citrus dressing;
4 more vegan soap bars, as they don't last very long, unfortunately;
A new huge bottle of biodegradable liquid detergent for babies.:woo:


I've been doing quite a bit of Christmas shopping - so far, jumpers & pjs for my brothers, faux suede boots for my stepdad, clothes for James plus other bits for various others (essential oils, hand creams & kids books for the children.)

Got myself a present too of course 🙈some chunky faux leather winter boots from New look. When taking the stickers off I noticed they had a 'vegan' label on the bottom which is cool.