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UK News Larry the Cat - New Pal at N° 10 ?


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''The new PM asked No10 staffers if they would be happy to get a pet dog for the building and
the response was a resounding “yes” according to one source.

The insider said: “It wouldn’t be a puppy. It would probably be a rescue dog. It would have to be a cat and dog that got along.”
Boris’s girlfriend Carrie is a well-known dog lover.''

I don't know how Larry will react to having a pooch as a lodger/pal ? He certainly has been a star during these last few years. All the
reporters and Political editors always try and get a shot of him during their news reports. 💕
There was one commentator who said that she
would willingly adopt Larry if he didn't get on with the new PM's pooch. :)



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"To think our little 'wonky' pup started his life in a Welsh puppy farm and was destined for an uncertain existence at the hands of a puppy dealer, but is now going to be with people who absolutely adore him is a dream come true.

This little man will want for nothing in his life, what could be better than that?
"And how fantastic to be raising the profile of rescue dogs everywhere in the process!"

Great work FOAW !


Moll Flanders

I remembered the other cat was called Palmerston and he and Larry kept fighting with each other.