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Instagram , do you have an account .

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Technology' started by blues, Feb 1, 2018.

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  1. blues

    blues Veteran Member

    I might sign up, still thinking it through. I find less is best on the internet.

    What advantages have you found by having an Instagram account?

    Thanks Blues :)
  2. KLS52

    KLS52 Only Kindness Matters

    I have an account but I’m not that into it. I only check it once every few months or so.
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  3. Chryssie

    Chryssie Internet Junkie

    Central Florida
    I have Instagram mostly for sharing beer pics with the "beer people." :D I do follow a few other people on there; some art, photography, a couple rescues, and veggie foodies.
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  4. blues

    blues Veteran Member

    :) thanks for the replies .....I just had another look (some nice photography) but for my set up, it's really not me
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