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Information for VV Newbies


Firstly, welcome to VeggieViews! Whether you're new to vegetarianism, or just new to our (frankly awesome) forums, hopefully this thread will be of some help. The point of this thread is to explain some of the basic terminology you may see around the forum, and to link you to some of our best and most informative threads to get you started. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the moderators - we're always happy to help!

Types of vegetarian:
Lacto/Ovo: The most common form of vegetarian. Does not consume any animal flesh, and usually does not consume any other products from a dead animal (such as gelatine), but consumes dairy and eggs.
Lacto: Similar to lacto/ovo, but does not consume eggs.
Ovo: Similar to lacto/ovo, but does not consume dairy.
Strict Vegetarian: Does not consume any animal products, but may still use them in other ways (clothing, cosmetics, etc.)
Vegan: Does not use any animal products, including by-products, at all (as far as is possible and practical)
Raw Vegan: Similar to strict vegetarian, but also gains at least 70% of their nutrition from foods which have not been cooked
Fruitarian: Similar to strict vegetarian, but also excludes foods that require killing the entire plant in order to eat them.

AR - Animal Rights
AW - Animal Welfare
CF - Cruelty Free
Omni - Shorthand for 'omnivore', a common term used by vegetarians for meat eaters
TJ's - Trader Joe's, a popular store for veggie food in the US
Veg*n - Shorthand for "vegan or vegetarian"
VV - VeggieViews
WF - Whole Foods, a popular store for veggie foods in the US, Canada, and the UK

Useful Threads and Links:
About VV - Some general information about the forums
The VV Rules - Fairly self-explanatory, please read!
The VV "How To" Guide - Tips for getting to grips with our forum software
The Vegetarian Starter Guide - A helpful starting point for anyone considering the transition
The New Vegetarian FAQs - Get answers to common questions asked by/asked of new vegetarians
Non-Vegan Ingredients List - A fairly long list of non-vegan ingredients, and common products they are found in
Cooking and Recipe Help Thread - If you're having any cooking issues, post here and our awesome food gurus can weigh in
UK / USA / Canada / Australia and New Zealand Product Threads - Read about awesome product recommendations from your corner of the globe, and add your finds
Vegetarian / Vegan Recipe Books - Recommendations and reviews from our members
Pictures of Your Animal Family - See all our wonderful animal companions, and add your own pics. Warning: thread contains adorableness
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It also might be good to post shorthand stuff for popular veggie places, like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's. Newbies might not know what WF, TJ's is. (Those are the only places I can think of at the moment.)

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Under useful links, maybe consider adding in the two "actual" pages in our wiki: Non-Vegan Ingredient List and Vegetarian Starter Guide.