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If you were building an apocalypse shelter..


If you won the lottery and decided to build an apocalypse shelter somewhere in the countryside, what foods would you put in storage? Say you wanted to live there until you died, say 80years(for some people)

I read today that dried beans and dried rice keep indefinitely. So to meet a 2500kcal/day energy need you would need:
44 cubic meters of beans
14 cubic meters of rice....
That would fit in a room 4m by 4m by 4m...

and a bunch of curry powder.

Cooking oil doesn't seem to keep very long...1-2 years..

Could you store enough macro and micro nutrients to last 80 years??
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Indian Summer

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I think you'd struggle without the possibility to grow some food. The astronauts in the international space station were eating some food they'd grown the other day. But I think a proper greenhouse that could grow a meaningful amount of food would require a good bit of space.

I think vitamin C deficiency is something sailors struggled with in past centuries when on long journeys. Presumably because they lacked fresh vegetables and fruit.

If you didn't have a way to grow vegetables or fruit, then you could stock up on vitamin and mineral supplements. Not exactly ideal, but it could probably keep you alive for many years.

Frozen fruit and vegetables could last for a while too, but their nutritional value would decrease over time.

Not sure if the fibre in the beans and rice would be sufficient. Dietary fibre is quite important for good health, I have read.