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If You See a Coin on the Pavement, Do You Pick It Up?


I'm bumping this thread because I picked up a copy of the DVD of the movie Grease (1978, John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John) cheap. Was watching it.

There is a scene where one of the girls feels blue, but then she spots a penny on the pavement. "See a penny, pick it up, and all the day you'll have good luck," she recites. Her mood brightens. One of the other girls snatches the penny and gives it to Kenicke for good luck. But she drops the coin. Kenicke bends over to pick it up, but just then someone opens the car door, conking Kenicke on the head. Danny Zuko (Travolta) has to take over for the dazed Kenicke in the stock car race that ensues. ...

So the penny was not really good luck for Kenicke.
It was probably tails up, bad luck. [emoji1]

Ann Chovie

Ploughing my own furrow
I never pick up coins because years ago I saw a " candid camera" show where they stuck coins to the pavement and filmed passers by trying to pick them up.

I am just so worried someone will come bounding out of a hedge with a camera crew that even now I daren't risk it !!!:argh:

Amy SF

Dweller in nature
I picked up a dime from the floor while I was in the drugstore today. I made sure to wash my hands thoroughly when I got home.


Addicted Poster
I pick up anything over a penny.
I've been tossing change in jars, but particularly quarters-like almost all quarters. It's amazing how much you can save without thinking


If it's a 10-rouble, or even 5-rouble coin, - then i'll pick it up. If it's a 1- or 2-rouble coin, - then maybe (if i need coins at the moment, e.g. to pay in a route taxi, or to buy a magazine). No one ever takes a 50-kopeyek coins (0.5 rouble), because it's very thin, and it's hard to pick it up without getting your hands dirty.😁