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how to become a vegan activist


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So for me personally I'm the type when I make a decision I have to go all in, with switching to the vegan lifestyle I want to get more involved and be a voice for the animals. For 25 years I consumed so much meat, eggs, dairy, purchased items that weren't animal cruelty free. I'm ashamed of this because I had no excuse for it, other then selfishness. I had every chance to learn the truth of where these products came from, and because I was afraid of knowing the truth bc then Id be held accountable for morally not being able to justify for what I was supporting. I live in rochester ny, USA how do I get involved, how do I become a vegan activist


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Check out Anonymous for the Voiceless. Anonymous for the Voiceless They can be a bit much (graphic) for some, but its definitely a growing movement and active in most major cities. I don't know how active they would be in northern NY in the winter, tho!

Also, you can volunteer with Vegan Outreach Home - Vegan Outreach when they come to visit colleges in your area - they encourage college students to go vegan through leafletting and virtual reality headsets, believing young adults are the people most likely to be willing and able to make such a major life change. You can also offer to let the activists stay with you for a night or two while they are in town. I've done this for the past several years and I love meeting these kind and dedicated people.

You may want to see if there are any vegan meet-ups, vegan vegfest organizers, or farm animal sanctuaries in your area. Those groups are all likely to attract activists.

And finally, you can always start your own group. The Friday before Valentine's Day is typically Fur-free Friday and fur stores are targeted. Make some signs, post invitations to join you on social media, and spend a few hours getting honks and thumbs-ups on the side of the road! Check with your local ordinances and police, but usually the side of the road is public property (especially in retail areas)and you're allowed to stand there. And free speech is still legal, for now. :)

ETA - Also, you can be your own billboard. Get some Animal Rights t-shirts and wear them all the time!
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I like the idea of volunteering to help animals as a way of "atoning" and "giving back". You can get started with a local shelter, rescue or sanctuary. Take some tours, talk to the people who have been doing the work for a while, help take care of the animals so you can learn about their needs and behaviors.

This is the farm sanctuary nearest to you, I believe. It's probably one of the most famous farm sanctuaries in the country.


The website states that they're 1.5 hours from Rochester Airport.