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How did you find Veggie Views?

How did you find Veggie Views?

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Indian Summer

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Most of our current members have come here from another board (VeggieBoards), but I'm curious to learn how some of the new members have found us, i.e. those who became members from October 2012 onwards. Did you also come here from that board? Or did you find us by googling? Or from Facebook? Or something else? Feel free to both answer the poll and post here to elaborate.


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The Midwest US
Karl sent a message to a bunch of former VBers on Facebook.

Silly browser, it didn't want to let me unclick my accidental "I found it on Google+."


I was looking behind my settee for something and I saw this small door. I pulled the settee away from the wall and opened the door, and crawled in....there was a small room with a computer and there I firsts saw VV....And so I signed up......I don't need to go in the small room, so much these days, as I wrote the URL on a piece of paper.


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Old VBer, joined here with the flood of members when this place started, but was too busy with other stuff to visit for a while.