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Spirituality Psychology Higher consciousness

Discussion in 'Social Sciences & Humanities' started by Indian Summer, Dec 23, 2016.

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  1. Indian Summer

    Indian Summer Administrator Owner

    This is a good watch if you have a few minutes (less than five!):

    Some questions related to this:

    Will accessing higher states of consciousness too frequently result in problems dealing with society and people around us? If so, was this easier in earlier times, or has it always been like this? It seems that perhaps societies such as the Australian aboriginals, Native Americans and to some extent traditional Buddhist and Hindu communities have been more tolerant, even celebrating of people who tend to spend more time in these higher states of consciousness.
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  2. Freesia

    Freesia not my business.

    I guess that would be the state you are in while meditating, or in a shamanic trance.
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  3. blues

    blues Veteran Member

    Maybe IS , it would depend on the philosophy that one uses to access these states of "higher consciousness" .

    Personally, I thought with correct teaching/guidance to higher awareness of consciousness , it should lead you to better deal with society and people around you .
  4. Indian Summer

    Indian Summer Administrator Owner

    Well, I'm thinking, higher consciousness is not concerned with making money or social status. However, in order to cope in this world, do we not need to have at least some moderate success in these areas?

    I would hope that to be the case. How do I find a good teacher, though?

    Related, off topic: I got a fortune cookie at a restaurant the other night that said: "You are able to sense and know higher truth." Well, I like to think so :)
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  5. Indian Summer

    Indian Summer Administrator Owner

    Some more thoughts on this:

    What are good stimuli for reaching higher states of consciousness? Are drugs necessary to reach some of these states? I believe peyote / mescaline has been used in shamanist practise. Magic mushrooms also have a reputation. As does LSD, obviously.

    Some of these drugs also have a reputation for ruining people's lives, though. I'm not keen to perform potentially dangerous experiments on myself.

    So are there other ways? Can certain types of music be do the trick?
  6. blues

    blues Veteran Member

    Yes I agree with you IS , to earn your own income to get the basics of life in order and not sponge of others is important .

    With caution ^ there are so many different ways people seem to approach higher consciousness via dance , music , inner sound ,meditation , sensations of the body , chants , yoga , breathing exercises , silence , prayer .

    I know it might be debated , but I firstly follow the money , is the person teaching receiving payment for what he/she is teaching . It comes across as a dissipation of the energy/teaching they are trying to pass on if there is a course fee and its going into their personal account . Those who teach should have their own private income to live of.

    Teaching of a philosophy should be on a donation basis only ,.......:)