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High percentage of drunk vegetarians eat meat


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I'm still not totally sure. She said she didn't want to make separate meals, but I offered to cook for myself/help out. I think it offended her a bit - she grew up on a farm, I think she thought it was an attack on her way of life. Whatever it was, she spent a week serving me meaty dishes before realising that I'd end up starving myself - at which point she begrudgingly gave in :p
I've also heard that before. A lady who's dad was a farmer told me that as she knew how the animals were treated so it was OK to eat the meat. The moral of the story is that if you treat the animals well it is still fine to eat their flesh !!

However, I do understand what a pain it is if one has to cook separate meals. In your case you were willing to take over the task which was very fair.


I never craved meat whenever I was drunk. I would normally just get cheese pizza, or go to this 24/7 diner that had a vegetarian breakfast burrito.

I never did meet any "i eat meat while drunk" vegetarians either. Mostly just "I used to be vegetarian but then I stopped because I didn't get enough protein."


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Well, I am happy to say that even as I have had a few occasins in my past where I drank more alcohol than I should have, I have - at least so far -refrained from eating meat, punching other people or sexually harassing anybody. Guess I am quite boring.


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Surveys like this don't take into account how long people have been veg'n or even if they truly are.
If they've only gone without meat a month I'm not surprised if they'd eat meat. Probably the first bite would be out of habit.
I'd no more eat meat than I'd eat a bug-which is meat, but I wouldn't have eaten on as an omni either


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In other news, a recent survey found that 33% of celibate people bang anything of the opposite gender behind a dumpster whenever they get drunk...