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Hey, gamers! Whatcha playin'?


MadamSarcastra, over & out.
I haven't been able to open my Big Fish Games game manager for a long time... a pop-up keeps telling me it's already running.

It's not. I looked. :|

Soooo, I guess I'm gonna have a beer while I restart the computer (as the pop-up suggested) and hope everything will be functioning properly upon my return.... :confused:

Here goes nothin'.... :tinfoilhat: LOL


forever seeking fire
playing some dark souls, feels weird because I wanted to play it with a ps4 controller but since I’ve been playing ark so much I can’t go back to using a controller at all. will take some adjusting since i never played dark souls with keyboard and mouse, but it does feel better than using a controller. being able to have both hands on all the buttons is a very good thing about keyboard and mouse