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Hallo! Jerry here!


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Nice to meet you!
I'm polish potato eater, game maker and musician. Hope I'll have good and spiritually rich time here.


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Upstate New York
Welcome! (Coincidentally, the last thing I cooked and ate was potatoes- it was a simple warm potato salad, I suppose, with a little vegetable oil and seasoning).

What music do you enjoy and play?


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Hello Jerry, welcome to the forum!

Do you live in Poland? And where? Or are you of Polish ancestry, but living somewhere else?

Best regards and wished from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,


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So many questions! And so many warm hearths! Potatoes preferably baked in the campfire while sitting in a good company and watching the fire. :) When home I put it in the oven with some spinach and make a kind of casserole. I live in Poland, in Krakow and my family is Polish (one branch of my tree met during WWII in a camp, quite of a story, I swear). I make indie PixelArt game about a pig now and play different music - from stoner rock and hardcore to black metal and improvisational folk/ambient :)
Do I know some of you? I don't know. I have long hair and I did the translation for H.S Thopmson's 'Hells Angels' if it helps :)