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French MP inquiry calls for abattoir video cameras

French MP inquiry calls for abattoir video cameras - BBC News
Video surveillance in abattoirs is among measures proposed by a French parliamentary inquiry into slaughterhouse conditions.

The commission said it wanted to "shine a light on the 'black boxes'" that made up France's 941 abattoirs.

The inquiry was launched after a series of secretly filmed videos shocked the French public.

The videos showed animals being treated violently, while rules on hygiene and humane killing were ignored.

Nearly 100 people were interviewed by the commission over four months.

Documentary filmmakers, veterinarians, abattoir managers and owners as well as academics were among those who gave evidence to the inquiry.

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The French national assembly passed a bill for mandatory cameras in slaughterhouses today. The controversial measure, to be implemented in 2018, follows a remarkable intensification of public outcry after a series of shocking undercover investigations were released to the French media by local animal rights organization L214.
Before it is brought to the senate in March to be debated and voted into law, the measure will be implemented first (by July 2017) through “experimentation,” in 263 slaughterhouses, placing cameras in all areas where animals are “moved, held, immobilized, stunned and killed.”