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UK Free vegan and vegetarian meal planner



Hi folks,

About 3 months ago, my girlfriend and I decided to reduce our meat consumption and try to eat a more wholefood, plant-based diet. Because I'm a bit of a geek, I created a little meal planning app that uses recipes available online (e.g. BBC Good Food) and then automatically adds the ingredients to our favourite supermarket (we use Ocado).

The aim is to add vegan and vegetarian recipes with easy vegan substitutions (e.g. cheese). At risk of a barrage of abuse because it's not 100% vegan... I wanted to share with the forum to see if anyone else might it useful?

Here it is: https://almostvegan.co.uk. Thoughts and feedback most welcome

(It's free to use by the way, you only pay for your groceries as normal.)



Only Kindness Matters
Can't believe there has been no replies to this.
Found it very useful.
Thanks. :up:

Most of us have been long time vegetarians/vegans so that’s probably why this didn’t get much attention. And some threads can get lost in the myriad of other threads.

Glad you found it useful. :)