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Forthcoming book on Climate and Diet

Discussion in 'The Vegan Forum' started by meat climate, Jun 23, 2015.

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  1. meat climate

    meat climate Well Known Member

    Forthcoming Book - Meat Climate Change: The 2nd Leading Cause of Global Warming, by Dr. Moses Seenarine.

    Even if the world went fossil free by 2100, increasing animal consumption will continue to cause catastrophic global warming. To stop global warming and preserve a future for children, we must reduce the burning of fossil fuels, as well as greenhouse gas emissions released from the production and consumption of animal products.

    Please visit our website to find out more and like us on social media.
    Meat Climate Change.org - Home
    Meat Climate Change | Facebook

    If you would like to review this book, please contact

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  2. Andy_T

    Andy_T Addicted Poster Forum Moderator

    Hannover, Germany
    Hello Meatclimate,

    welcome to the forum.

    One question - you mention "meat" climate ... does the analysis also consider other animal products, like eggs and dairy?

    Best regards,
  3. meat climate

    meat climate Well Known Member

    Hello Andy,

    Thanks for your question. Yes, for example, trends in consumption of animal carcass, eggs and dairy are discussed in Chapter 9, Over-Consumption Class, Global Trends in Animal Consumption, and elsewhere in the book
  4. rainforests1

    rainforests1 Famous Member

    One of the leading causes of almost every environmental problem today, possibly every.
  5. Joe

    Joe Celebrity Member

    Frances Moore Lappe wrote a book on this subject in 1971, Diet for a Small Planet.
  6. meat climate

    meat climate Well Known Member

    perhaps a few more studies have emerged in the five decades since Lappe... and for someone interested in this subject, a 50-year book may be missing a few things, maybe
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  7. Andy_T

    Andy_T Addicted Poster Forum Moderator

    Hannover, Germany
    I think that the book "Diet for a Small Planet" is still valid, what has changed is that nowadays, hopefully more people see the need to change our lifestyle.

    Still nowhere near as many people as required, I am afraid.

    Best regards,
  8. Blobbenstein

    Blobbenstein .......

    Last edited: Jun 24, 2015
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  9. Joe

    Joe Celebrity Member

    That's true. But I think Ms. Lappe deserves credit for her pioneering work.
  10. Danielle

    Danielle forever seeking fire

    I thought it was the number 1 cause. :shrug: