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Former obese girl here :


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Hello everyone,

I just want to introduce myself and share my personal journey with the vegan fam, and probably provide motivation for people struggling with the same difficulties that I have been struggling with.

So, I am 30 yrs old and I've been trying to go vegan since I was 18. Every time I would relapse after a few months, sometimes even weeks. I've weighed almost 250 pounds when I was 27 because I was eating nothing but junk food, burgers etc. The problem was not a lack of commitment but my working hours that didn't allow me to sustain healthy eating habits. I was working 40 hours a week and everyday I would just go to the fast food restaurant across the street and eat meat-infested burgers, fries, sodas etc. I've had this lifestyle for about 10 years and caused me various health problems on top of that overweight issue. I hated myself. I knew I had to make a change but as I said above, my attempts to start eating healthy were short-lived since I didn't have the proper knowledge and my job required more and more hours.

Finally, I've met a vegan friend 2 years ago that went through the exact situation I was going through at the time, and had a similar job than me. She gave me tips and tricks to turn my eating habits around and I'm proud to say today that I'm a happy vegan that woman that's full of energy all the time and enjoys life to the fullest. I weigh 145 pounds and I've never felt better in my life. It's crazy how small changes in someone's life can do this much benefits in their health and the way they feel inside. I've been helping my friends and family with similar problems and that makes me even happier.

If you are in a similar situation, please DM me and I will be happy to assist you and motivate you :)




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I gained most of my overweight as a vegan :fp:.

Off topic, but is working 40 hours a week an American thing? I've been averaging 50 hrs a week for so many years :argh:

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Hey Vegan
Welcome. I'm new here as well. Just wanted to congratulate you and tell you that your story is inspiring


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Welcome- and congratulations on making positive changes in your life! Junk food is made to be tempting, and it's so easy to grab something quick and relatively inexpensive.

I often take time during a weekend (or whenever I'l be home for a few hours straight) to make a batch of something healthy that I like, and freeze portions of it to thaw out when I want them during busy times during the next week or two.


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Hi, vegan_girl what an inspiration you are to others. It shows your sense of inner maturity and determination to change direction in the original lifestyle you had.

A week or so ago at our local supermarket, I meet a lady who was checking my food out and she told me she had just gone vegan. She was going through similar challengers you were going through at the beginning of your transition.

Anyway, :welcome:and look forward to reading your posts.


I gained most of my overweight as a vegan :fp:.

Off topic, but is working 40 hours a week an American thing? I've been averaging 50 hrs a week for so many years :argh:
No, it's not an American thing, i guess.😁 On my current job, i'm making about 50 hrs a week. (Sometimes the "real" schedule is not so strict and we have less hours, but it's still a maximal workload that is allowed for employees by the Ministry of Education).
P.S. If it's any relief for you (though i doubt it),- i'm overweight too (but not like others who have to drop 10 pounds: i'm seriously overweight, and i don't know what to do).😾