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Feedback request Favourite style / theme colour?

Which background colour for new default style?

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Indian Summer

Cult Leader
When I upgrade our forum software some time next year to the much anticipated 2.1 version, I plan to also purchase a professional style a.k.a. theme. The main categories of styles are light and dark. Our default style currently is light.

I've always thought light styles were a necessity for a forum like ours, and that mostly only gamer forums bother with dark styles. However, now there are other types of forums using dark styles as well.

Whichever of those two options we choose, it will be professional, so better than any we have now.

So what do you think?


I usually keep the Yule special until spring. Then I jsut go with the light blue until, say, October when I switch to the orange/black. Then it’s back to Yule after halloween.

I’m having problems with my eyes, as I age, so I find the dark to be a problem for any length of time. But don’t let that influence your decision. :p


I've tried all the styles, but to be honest, the light blue is the best for me, because it doesn't attract very much of my attention and i can concentrate on something more important. Plus it's the best for my eyes, as i have much floaters, therefore the other styles demand more extraocular muscles' tension.:)

Amy SF

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I like the Blueberries color. I remember when I first started on VeggieViews, I didn’t like the dark background, until I was told I could change it. My eyes definitely prefer a light background.


Beach bum
I've used Leafy Greens for the entirety of my time on VV. :D It has the white background with touches of green. I much prefer a lighter background as it does seem easier on my eyes.