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Announcement Enhanced Search

Indian Summer

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I've just installed a new add-on which improves our search feature! It's very exciting :)

We're now able to search on 2 and 3-letter words, such as a lot of acronyms. NHS, DNA, BST, GMT, UK, US, USD, USB, SSD, LSD, BC, ad ... This was previously not possible.

The search is now also supposed to be more intelligent: If your search for 'tests', it will also search for 'test', 'testing', 'tested' and so on. (I.e. it will find the root of your search word, and then search for that.) It will also consider the date of the posts, and rank the newer posts higher than the old ones.

I've literally just installed this, and may have to tweak the features a bit going forward, but it looks pretty good already.
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Amy SF

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It's great! Last week I did a search for a thread I know I started a while ago, and it didn't turn up. I tried different search terms, and it still didn't come up. So I gave up searching. Just now I tried again, and it came up on the first page of results! :up:


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Ohio, U.S.A
I have issues with the search feature! It doesn't seem to do search for some words, so if I get one word wrong in the title it doesn't come up.