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dog gives hugs?


chomp chomp chump
I am not finding much other than dogs trained to give hugs, articles warning that dogs don't like hugs (or kisses) because it can be a sign of dominance etc.

Maggie is still a puppy, 9 months to be exact and all her life especially in the morning, she gets so excited she will approach (it's easier for her to do this while I'm lying down, i suspect but she does it cuddling in chairs too) lean her shoulder into mine several times, sometimes throwing a paw or both around my neck, resting her chin on my face or head and just sit there a moment or two very still and calm enjoying the embrace. It FEELS like a hug. It's definitely not a dominant thing like I'm reading in what i can find on the internet and she enjoys this (as well as kisses both giving and receiving).

I've just never experienced a dog that will approach the human and seek out affection in this way. It's pretty great but in my 32 years of family pet ownership experience, rare. Have you ever known a dog that hugs?


Stranger in a strange land
Yes, I had a Pyr who would come up to me, stand on her hind legs and put her front paws over my shoulders and then stand there quietly with her cheek pressed into mine. It wasn't the excited kind of jumping up that I discourage in my dogs.