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US Dietary Trends and Masculinity


Hello, my name is Andrew Gilley and my research partner, Agustin Rojas, and I are conducting a study for our senior project to determine whether the stigma that men who don't eat meat are inherently less masculine compared to men who do eat meat. Since we have found little research that discuss whether or not this statement is true we wish to gather data (via survey) to whether or not this is true.

This survey is completely anonymous

Attached is the link to our survey
Dietary Trends and Masculinity

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask here or contact Agustin Rojas at agustin.rojas@vanguard.edu or myself at andrew.gilley@vanguard.edu
Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully you are able to take this survey. If you are able to SHARE this with other people it would be extremely appreciated!
Best regards ,
Andrew Gilley & Agustin Rojas