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Question Curious about Fruitarian diet


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Hey everyone , I just joined the forum.
I've been considering a switch to a non meat lifestyle for years and haven't made it very far. The last year what I would consider a fast food addiction has gotten out of control. Liver enzymes are high and I was diagnosed with a fatty liver . My question is what is everyone's opinion on a fruitarian lifestyle. I've heard it could be dangerous, but I've really been considering it. I love fruit, but also love vegetables, grains and oats.
I don't like milk or eggs. And I prefer veggies raw. Any suggestions on a book would be great too. I don't want to eat all fruit if it's dangerous.
Thanks Rob


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I can't speak of fruitarian or any kind of raw diet, other than to really get them right! Like talk to a registared dietician right (not nutritionalist).
I do suggest doing this first. You can incorporate raw for vegetables-

I have the daily app on my phone to remind me. This is just the base of a days diet, you eat more food, but this selection gets your nutrition profile right very easily


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I agree with Silva, Greger's book (How not to Die) is an excellent place to start. At the moment I am eating almost entirely raw. Muesli with nuts, seeds, berries and fruit. Enormous salads with beans. I'm travelling quite a lot now and a raw diet can be quickly picked up at any supermarket. I don't find it boring and life is easier if you don't have to cook and don't need to look for vegan restaurants. I like good tea and coffee and one glass of wine at night.