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Question Conservative society

Discussion in 'Ask Us a Question!' started by John243, Oct 4, 2018.

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  1. John243

    John243 Guest

    Hi there,
    I live in a Balkan country and Balkan countries are really conservative. There are no vegan/vegetarian restaurants and retail shops. After I told my family and friends I went vegetarian, they didn't react positively and some of them didn't even know what is that. Although I want to go full vegan, I don't know how to adapt and react to possible backlash. Any advice?
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  2. Indian Summer

    Indian Summer Cult Leader Administrator

    Hi John,

    First off, feel free to register an account so you can respond to any posts in this thread.

    The conservative nature of the culture in which you live will of course make this more challenging than going vegetarian in a more liberal place. However, this is still quite achievable.

    A few ideas, in no particular order:

    1. Learn to cook your own food more or less 'from scratch', that is, without relying on too many speciality pre-made ingredients.
    2. For practical reasons, make some food in large batches that can be frozen in smaller containers. This way, you won't have to do as much cooking on a day-to-day basis. For example, veggie burgers. Also, if you soak and cook beans or chickpeas, this takes a long time, so it makes sense to do it in large batches.
    3. Learn everything there is to know about vegetarian and vegan nutrition. Be careful - only consider reliable sources. Remember that nutrition is a science, it's not voodoo. Don't fall for the hyperbole that veganism cures every disease under the sun. It doesn't. But it is a healthier diet, on average, than the typical meat-based diet, especially it's healthier than modern fast-food fuelled meat-based diets. There are a few micronutrients you really do need to be careful you get, one way or the other. This includes vitamin B12, vitamin D and calcium.
    4. Reach out to others in your area / country who have the same or similar convictions. Everyone from animal rescue organisations to religious/spiritual people with vegetarian leanings (maybe someone who are into yoga, mediation or even more traditional religion) can potentially become your allies.
    5. Does your country / region have a vegetarian or vegan society organisation? If so, become a member. If not, start one!
    6. Remember that your efforts can make it easier for others in your country/region who will attempt the same journey later. This is more true the more you "network" and record your efforts and experiences. Start a blog to talk about your diet / lifestyle / cooking / thoughts. Start a Facebook group (or similar) so you can more easily connect with other like-minded people in your country.
    7. Read up on any defences of vegetarian or vegan practices that do exist in your own culture. E.g. Eastern Christianity has a pretty much 'vegan' fasting tradition, if I remember correctly. There are also some passages in the Bible which appear to support veganism. (And others which do not ...) I'm sure there are also traditional dishes that just happen to be vegan or vegetarian.
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  3. Tom

    Tom Addicted Poster

    I think Indian Summer is correct about Eastern Christian traditions. For roughly half the year, people of this faith eat a vegan diet, and also avoid olive oil and wine (perhaps other alcoholic drinks, as well).
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  4. Val

    Val Extraterrestrial

  5. Jamie in Chile

    Jamie in Chile Veteran Member

    Learn about the ethical foundation for animal rights - look online - do you want any recommendations.? Even if you know, the more you learn.

    Same for nutrition. Do you need any guide here or reccomended websites etc?

    Focus on yourself to start with - explain that you are just trying it out. Come and post here when you need support.

    Good luck!
  6. Peter

    Peter Famous Member

    UK or Spain
    A vegan breakfast should be easy - muesli or porridge with fruit, seeds and nuts.
    Vegan lunch- a BIG salad and fruit based dessert.
    Vegan evening meal - thick soups with beans, peas etc.,casserole (curry, chilli etc.) or pasta or pizza. Cake with custard and/or a little alcohol
    Use local ingredients and cook for yourself whenever possible. Make your own bread and cakes. Adapt local dishes.
    The internet has all the info that you need. Don't forget Youtube.
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