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Hello everyone!
I am 30 years old, come from Southern Italy and have been vegan for seven years (more or less). It's difficult to find someone to share my thoughts and lifestyle with, so here I am!

Indian Summer

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Welcome to VV, and well done being vegan for so long in a place that may not be the most vegan-friendly!

That said, I visited northern Italy a few months ago for two-day meeting (staying at a hotel near Venice airport and then a hotel in Trieste), and was pleasantly surprised with much of the food I was served. (I warned the meeting organizers in advance, though.)

By the way, happy World Vegan Day!
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Ciao Tiella! I visited Italy for the first time last month. We were in the north, though, and the furthest south we got was Rome. You have a beautiful country!


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UK or Spain
Ciao Bella!
I've spent quite a lot of time in your beautiful country. My favourite place is Orta San Giulio. It's perfect, so don't tell anyone about it! I was vegetarian for over 30 years and changed to vegan a year ago. I love Italian food and like to try to adapt the Italian vegetarian recipes to vegan ones. Melanzana Parmigiana is my favourite dish but I still need a good vegan parmesan cheese.