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Captain's Log


Any reason why the tool bar (for lack of a better name) is grayed out? Where the options for bold, italic, underline, and more importantly, the smileys/emoticons are? I haven’t been able to use it for awhile now. I know I have my own emotions on my pho that work but I should able to access the tools on vv, right?


Only settings appear to be available.

and OMG...I just clicked on what I thought was a settings button is actually a button that just made everything else available. Are you trying to make me crazy? 😂

Amy SF

Dweller in nature
I’ve noticed that the search engine doesn’t work correctly on my iPhone. When I tap the search or member box, the keyboard doesn’t come up so I can’t type anything into the boxes. I have to open advanced search in order to search for something. This has been the case ever since I installed iOS 13. It works fine on my iPod 6th gen which doesn’t have iOS 13 because Apple has ended support for the iPod 6th gen, and also on my Samsung tablet. Do you think that it’s because of the iOS update?

Indian Summer

Cult Leader
Do you think that it’s because of the iOS update?
Yes, I did a Google search and found a few other reports about the keyboard not popping up when it should on iOS 13. It might be something Apple will sort out with an update at some point. I saw some potential workarounds and DIY fixes when I googled, so you could also try that in the meantime.