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Nutrition & Diet UK Cancer Research UK - Promotes Vegan Diet


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British charity Cancer Research UK has encouraged people to ditch meat and adopt a vegan diet to help prevent the disease.
Cancer Research UK develops policy and funds scientists, doctors, and nurses to help “beat cancer soon.” Its overarching mission is to reduce the number of deaths from cancer.
The research and awareness charity just launched a campaign that encourages people to “Take the Veg Pledge” and go vegan or vegetarian for the month
of November. The campaign aims to raise money for cancer research, but it could also benefit the health of participants, according to the charity.

Eating less meat could help people consume more fibre, Cancer Research UK says. “When you cut down on meat, there’s more room on your plate for high-fibre foods like veg, wholegrains, and pulses like lentils and beans which are all high-fibre foods that reduce the risk of cancer,” it explains.
Meat, by nature, contains zero grams of fibre. Earlier this year, University of Otago researchers found that fibre-rich foods could reduce the risk of several diseases. They looked at data from 185 studies to find that individuals who consume the most fibre have a 16 to 24 percent lowered risk of developing colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. They also lower their risk of dying prematurely by 15 to 30 percent.



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For those of you in the UK, there is a definite trend towards promoting plant based food on food/cooking programmes.

On the TV programme Food For Less, the dietician
is making more veg*an recipes and in last night's episode there was a taste taste between multiple vegan burgers V a meat burger. She highlighted
the fact that a certain vegan burger contained more protein compared to the meat one and less saturated fat.

This is all very positive. ;)