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Can Pets Be Vegan? And What's REALLY in Pet Food

Bite Size Vegan

Vegan Fruit-Ninja
a video about how we are feeding our pets to death and what's REALLY in your pet's food. this is an area that many, if not most, vegans have a blind-spot. and even if you're not vegan, knowing what is *actually* in your pets' food is important.

aside from the moral implications of what we feed our animals, there are very valid health concerns related to many of the lesser-known ingredients in common pet foods.

a short list of *some* of the "caring" ingredients in pet foods:
fat trimmings
plastic shavings
spoiled meat
cats, dogs, and their flea collars
pentobarbital (the poison designed to kill cats and dogs, left from the euthanized cats and dogs in the pet food)
industrial lubricant
sick, diseased, dying, disabled and dead animals
slaughterhouse leftovers
livestock antibiotics
toxic heavy metals like lead and mercury
moldy grains
fecal matter (poop)
unborn babies
and much, much more...

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